A choice

Right now you have a choice: be part of a growing global community of people who are dedicated to an end to all forms of violence, and to building a new paradigm of freedom and cooperation; or suffer as the world around you grows ever more violent, unjust and exploitative.

Voluntary World is a group of people who have agreed to the fundamental principles below. Please read them, and if you agree, click on the button at the bottom. It’s that simple! If you have any questions, check the links above, or contact us.

We hope you will join us!



 1. Autonomy, not heteronomy – dependent on…

i. All actions being judged according to the consentient/nonconsentient dichotomy

(Reason is to be chosen over violence in every case. Similar to the ‘non-aggression principle’. For more explanations of this, please see the CONSENTIENT blog.)

ii. Individualism, a focus on one’s own life.

(Each person lives their own life, and doesn’t interfere in others)

iii. No municipality (dutybound citizenship)


2. Cooperation, not competition

iv. Free trade and voluntary cooperation, not capitalism

v. No recognition of the fiction of corporate entities.


3. Sustainability

vi. Living in ways that sustain the natural environments around you


We truly believe that a commitment to the above principles is all we need to cure all of the major ills of our time: tyranny, destruction of nature, debt-based monetary systems, corporate abuse, wage slavery and false collectives.


Do you agree?